Clean Freak! Aoyaima-Kun

August 17, 202144/10032113 min
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Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun
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Summer 2017
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Studio Hibari
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Clean Freak! Aoyaima-Kun tried to tackle the dirtiest of sports while attempting to provide comedy. With the lack of story and even jokes, the anime is greatly affected by this terrible choice. If one is expecting to watch a sports anime, it should have a decent amount of sports. Expect this anime to leave the viewers' needs untouched, and if they make it to the end, they're the real winners.

Clean Freak! Aoyaima-Kun is a 2017 Sports Comedy anime series from a Japanese animation studio that has created some of the most recognizable anime series within the 2010s, Studio Hibari. While any anime studio that’s been made, of course, their main job is to create anime, but what may catch others’ attention is that this series was the very last anime series they’ve ever done. While that might be a red flag for some, especially sports anime, please don’t get discouraged since they also have a different studio for anime, Lerche. Having this information has put so many questions towards this series. For example, is this the best foot the company wanted to be remembered as? Is it good enough?

He is charming, incredible, athletic, a good cook, but more importantly, he’s a clean freak. Aoyama is idolized and is respected by everyone, but they can only admire him from afar due to his mysophobia. Despite that, he plays soccer, one of the dirtiest sports created! But for whatever the reason may be, he seems to be good at the game, even though some people are somewhat jealous of his work ethic. While other teammates are busy practicing and getting better, he is seen standing there taking up space.
However, the path to Nationals will not be secure by any means. What makes the situation even worse is that Fujimi’s considered an underdog team. As the playmaker for Fujimi High School’s soccer club, Aoyama avoids physical contact at all costs and cleanly dribbles toward victory. But alongside striker Kaoru Xaizen, Aoyama will show everyone that even as a clean freak, there are things he’s willing to get dirty for even though he can’t stand doing so.

On paper Clean Freak! Aoyama-Kun is a fundamental sports anime series without any heart, which most potential viewers will think. That’s one of the better things about this series’ story; it is written as sports anime but without the machoness that makes sports anime tedious and redundant. While the story will be heavy into the sports category, the story that weaves through is well written and even easy to follow. The comedic elements within this series are used properly and are not overdone throughout the show’s season, which may worry some viewers.

Though the best part of this anime series is that it’s original in its premise, having a story that properly uses a pleasant level of comedy is somewhat surprising. The ability to have a germophobic person participating and succeeding in one of the dirtiest sports that humans have ever created has many options for comedic writing. The fact that the series only skimmed the top of the low-hanging fruit is remarkable. Combining this with the easy-to-follow story makes this anime story have a heart beating inside it.

Unfortunately, this series had a couple of hiccups along the way, which is expected in any story. The first one that must be stated is that the story is not that entertaining; the story is solid in having a proper mix of comedy and sports-centered arcs. But outside of that, there is not anything definite about the story to have someone rewatch the series repeatedly. The biggest problem with this story is that it doesn’t stay focused on anything it starts with. It has an excellent start for a sports anime, but along the way, the sports ended, and it just becomes a comedy. Even the Germaphobia takes a break at times, which really can take the viewer out of the story.

Considering that the story was a little colder than one would expect, the art within this anime series is better. Perhaps the anime art style is divided into two different categories, one being from a generic standpoint and the other being a sports-centered one. From a generic perspective, the art style is quite good, and the colors are bright and vibrant. The character’s designs are a tad generic, but nothing too dull will make the viewer lose any interest. While some anime series focus more on the story than the visuals, this anime seems to have compromised towards both. The art style regarding sports anime is fundamental, flashy shots when needed, but nothing overtly rememberable.

When it comes to the animation production of Clean Freak! Aoyaima-Kun, this anime seems to be a mixed bag of sorts. The opening animation is a tad generic that leaves too little creativity, though it gets points for its style. The ability to showcase the show’s premise without saying it is remarkable. Still, simultaneously, the series gives this expectation that the show will be some grand spectacle when it is not. The animation goes from simple to generic with a generic sports anime theme song titled “White.” Though the ending theme animation must give a lot of credit that it so rightfully deserves, they have mastered the ability to create an homage to the classic 1970’s era anime with matching animation.

Though the ending theme titled “Taiyou ga Kureta Kisetsu” seems familiar, it should since it was used in a different anime series titled Heavens Lost Property. Though for whatever the reason for the use of the song, this choice is a perfect mix and maybe loved just as much as it is hated. Though the use of the older anime style is random and doesn’t explain, this was an interesting choice to have within an anime series of any genre.

For an anime series that’s based around the game of soccer, this anime series seems to have a lack of characters. Aoyama is the titular character whose a first-year student at his high school. He is a clean freak due to his mysophobia, which resulted in his unique style of playing soccer involving extremely cautious physical contact with other players and the ball. He also cleans the clubroom and soccer balls after school every day. Though he is considered very popular among his peers, he is oblivious to others’ interests outside of hearing music.

While there are a few interesting characters within the soccer club, the only person worth mentioning is Kaoru Zaizen. Kaoru is a rich kid who was the playmaker on the soccer team before Aoyama’s arrival. He is the only person who could not get used to his eccentricities. Kaoru is not the best when it comes to his kicking skills, but what he excels at is using his head! While he is not good with certain aspects of soccer, he never stops practicing making himself better.

There are plenty of anime characters to choose from, but these are the main ones that the viewer will understand. There are more characters outside of these two; the anime series doesn’t have many others that are worth the time to write them out. Having a sports anime series that only makes the viewer care about one or two characters when an entire team is behind is somewhat dissatisfying. This is a terrible setup for any anime series within the genre and is sad in almost every way possible. The only saving grace these characters had was that they didn’t overdo the genericism as other series have done. Somehow, they managed to get above that stereotype.

Overall this anime was rather abysmal and entirely forgettable for the viewers, which is an utter shame. Perhaps this series rested on the fact that having a germophobe and how that would be funny enough to carry this series the entire way, but in reality, they couldn’t even do that correctly. If one is looking for an exciting anime series or a way to get into the sports genre, this could be a choice. Though they’re a lot better options for someone who wants to waste some of their time, that’s their sword to fall onto. Don’t expect a lot from this series, don’t expect anything more than a simple sports series without anything flashy. It is like to have an anime series with much potential but without the oomph behind it.

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