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Kanokon: The Girl Who Cried Fox
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Spring 2008
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Overall, Kanoka is one of those anime series with a terrible story and even worse art style, but it's still entertaining. This anime has so many problems that would make it extremely hard to watch more than a couple of times, but its still better than some would expect. Don't expect anything outside of boobs and young boys before watching this series.

Kanokon is a 2008 Ecchi Comedy anime series with a bit of amount of romance tossed throughout. While the series studio has been defuncted for some time now, that doesn’t mean Xebec, Inc. doesn’t have any good anime series in their catalog. For instance, they have created series such as Martian Successor Nadesico, Shaman King (2001), To Love Ru, and countless others! However, it can quickly turn into a disaster when it comes to any predominantly ecchi anime series. Can an anime series that has received so much praise and criticism be as bad as everyone says?

Kouta Oyamada, an extremely innocent young first-year high school student who moves from the country to the city and thus happens to transfer into Kunpo High School, the high school that will cause him more problems than he could ever imagine. Having spent most of his life in the country, he is pretty timid about fitting in and making friends, then one day, he meets a beautiful second-year female student named Chizuru Minamoto. She asks him to meet her alone in the music room one day, and when he arrives, she accidentally reveals to him that she’s a fox spirit.

Though she was flirty with Kouta, now that her secret is out, she doesn’t hold back anymore, which causes him more trouble and attention than he would like. Throughout their time in school, they get into some weird situations, but nothing is as odd as the students at the school. There are hijinks aplenty, and if Kouta’s life depended on having a quiet and everyday life, he would be a deadman!

If one could describe the positive parts of this series story with a single word, the best word would have to be gung-ho. The story is exceptionally ecchi, but its theme works excellent and doesn’t feel unnecessary. The narrative is easy to follow and can be picked up in less than an episode on what the story will be about, which can be helpful for some new to the genre. However, another unexpectedly good aspect was the ability to use comedy within the series without feeling forced. Some anime series, old and new, have a slight problem making jokes that feel too random or outdated. This series comedic elements didn’t have that problem, which was rather unusual for an anime over a decade old.

However, there are plenty to choose from when it comes to the problematic areas within Kanokon’s story. First and foremost is the level of ecchiness; if one is looking for a family-friendly or trim level of fanservice, they’ve chosen very poorly. This series is very ecchi and borderline hentai, and if that is not something one wants to watch, they’ll immediately hate this anime. Outside of the white elephant, there are plenty of troublesome areas in this series. One that stood out was the way the story was written altogether; it felt for a majority that Chizuru was trying to groom Kouta, almost being a predator. Which can easily make any potential viewer feel weird.

Another negative aspect of Kanokon was that the pacing at times was way off, almost nonexistent. Some episodes were easy to follow, while others had a problem keeping the continuity together. Having an anime series be so hard on commitment is unnecessary for the viewer, and it would not be surprising if they’d have given up before the major problems had even happened. Though if one could think of the most significant positive trait that quickly turned to a negative one, it would have to be the number of repeated aspects throughout the series. Repeating some things in an anime is okay, but many scenes and gags are the same things. Nothing changes.

When looking at this anime series for its art style, one will be interested to know that its age is potentially better than expected. The art style is very early to mid-2000s, and not exactly the good kind. This art style was better than expected, especially with the warm and inviting colors throughout the series. The fact that this series seems like it was designed in the nineties seems like it was older than it was when it premiered. Unlike Mysterious Girlfriend X and even the 2017 anime film Night Is Short, Walk On Girl perfectly nails the modern era of animation yet feels older than they are quality. However, this series missed the point, or perhaps they didn’t even try, which would also be a safe assumption.

Though, unlike the art style, the animation production of this series had some excellent qualities to itself. The opening sequence was fascinating to look at, though a bit outdated with the PowerPoint-like transitions. However, the ending sequence was a bit boring, and it’s almost bland. Though where this anime gets a little murky is with its quality of art throughout the series. There are many scenes that the viewer can quickly tell the animators were cutting corners, and it’s a lousy job at that! However, what makes this worse is that in scenes leading up to the pivotal moment of the anime, they choose to do a terrible job. That is unacceptable and outrightly awful to do to any adaptation, no matter what genre the anime is in!

When it comes to the characters in Konokon, there are equally good amounts of pleasant feelings as there are terrible ones. Kouta Oyamada is the series’s protagonist and lived with his grandparents in the country for most of his life. When he moves to the city for school, he meets Chizuru Minamoto, and to make matters even more complicated; she immediately falls in love with him. Though he is a shy and slightly awkward boy, he is best described as a “Boy Lolita” and an old soul due to his upbringing. Though he mainly goes by his name, his friends have granted him the nickname “eros king,” thanks to Chizuru.

Chizuru Minamoto, on the other hand, is a second-year female student at Kouta’s school. She appears to be a very well-endowed teenage girl on the outside, but inside she is a powerful kitsune – fox spirit. When she changes form, her black hair turns blonde, and she gains fox ears and a tail. Though her age is never really stated, it is implied that she and her brother are well over 200 years old. She is best described as a troublemaker and a sex fiend, constantly wanting to do disgraceful acts with Kouta, which gave him his nickname, to begin with.

Nozomu Ezomori is the last of the main characters; she is a first-year female student at Kouta’s school. She has short light ash blonde hair and is small framed as well. Despite her detached and emotionless manner, she immediately falls in love with Kouta at first sight and thus makes Chizuru’s rival for affection. She doesn’t get along with Chizuru and will frequently call her names like “Horny Beast” and smells obscene. Though she may look like an ordinary girl, she is a wolf spirit. Throughout this anime, there are many supporting characters one could talk about, but they weren’t that interesting or memorable.

When it comes to the viewer’s value from an anime such as this, entertainment is the hardest to consider. For instance, if one is looking specifically for ecchi-style anime, they could easily choose this series, but that wouldn’t be worth the time in some cases. Another reason would be that this series seemed to continuously go in circles than the second to last episode cut to the “story” because it was near the end. However, with all the problems this anime series had, it wasn’t as bad as it seemed.

Sure, there are many terrible aspects of this series that are weird and terrible, but the viewer knew what they were getting into after the first episode. They stuck with the same level of randomness and ecchiness from the getgo, which was rather entertaining. Could someone watch this again and again? Absolutely, and go ahead if they must. But could someone detest this anime due to the sexual prepubescent-looking male character? One hundred percent! This anime series was made to be for people that enjoy some weird comedy with love mixed in and not so serious as modern-day anime series have grown accustomed towards. If one is looking for an anime series as entertaining as it is, what the fuck am I watching style, then this is one for them – get ready for awkward moments with people who catch you watching this.

Cody Senpai

Cody Senpai is the creator of BakaNow, an anime review website that specializes in spoiler-free reviews for everyone. He is an avid anime watcher who has traveled to Japan numerous times to not only experience the culture and history but also to build friendships with people through a common interest. He is an avid animation fanatic from birth and even went on to major in communication to help share the importance of the stories we love to watch and listen to. Cody lives in Denver, Colorado and loves to do anything adventurous.

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