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Teasing Master Takagi-san 2 demands to be seen at least twice, and it'll reward any viewer after third or fourth viewing. One would just enjoy how Shin-Ei Animations' incredible portray of true love, watching how the slow pacing affects the emotional timing of the moment.

The dilemma with the second season to any anime is that, much like sequels to films, they are usually inferior to the original. One reason could be that the hype from the trailers and the end result doesn’t equate to viewers’ expectations, or perhaps the second season just didn’t pick up the same momentum as their first. Whatever the reason is, watching the second season of any anime is sometimes hit or miss and while still be entertaining doesn’t reach that same level it once had. While it is almost inevitable that if a viewer was a fan of the first season, then they’re more than likely going to watch the second season at some point. Will Teasing Master Takagi-san 2 be on par with the first, or will it just be another meh anime that the studio saw a decent fanbase to cash in on?

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Teasing Master Takagi-san 2 is a 2019 Romantic Comedy, Slice of Life anime series that continues to take its viewers back to their first love and, more importantly, their adolescence. Much like the series’ first season, they continue to have no action-packed scenes or any cliffhangers, but can it continue with that same formula that it once had that made this series stand out? Throughout this review, I believe it is important to note that since this series has more than one season, each having been released separately means we need to judge each independently. If you’d like to read about season one, please click here.

            While the story on paper doesn’t give much detail on what the viewer will experience, and unlike the first season, the viewer will dive deeper into the story than previously done. Even after spending a considerable amount of time with Takagi, Nishikata is still struggling to find the perfect plan to defeat an expert teaser. It’s a full-on battle of wits, a contest of not only physical prowess but a test of one’s ability to stay calm under enemy fire. So far, any strategy he employs to expose her weaknesses is to no avail, but he’ll never give up. Little does he know though that with each and every pitiful attempt only reveals what his own flaws genuinely are.

To make matters even worse for Nishikata, rumors start spreading around that he and Takagi maybe a couple due to their constant interactions. However, the overly optimistic Nishikata believes that wisdom comes with age and that as the days continue to fly by, his war against Takagi will eventually bear fruit. Fruit that he is eagerly waiting to enjoy when he finally outsmarts the seemingly impossible – to trick Takagi and make her blush with embarrassment – opponent.

While the first season didn’t have a real overall arc, mainly due to the series focusing more on the comedy with slight hints of romance through in. This season the story seems to be focused more on the romantic feelings of the two in-and-outside of the school. The exciting piece about the plot is that it closely follows the manga, where the chapters aren’t in chronological order. Thus, each episode’s timeline is different and also potentially making this series more enjoyable to the viewer. The viewer already knows that Nishikata and Takagi will be together, and that’s not what this series is about. This series isn’t showing viewers how these two became a couple, and how each other express their interest for one another.

One of the negative aspects of this story is that it is slow at times, and unlike the previous season where it was a potential plus – and still is – in this series, it could turn people away. It’s understandably slow given that its clear from the very first season that Takagi has the upper hand with her emotions, and she continues to in this season. Though it is important to note that if the viewer is looking for a lot of action – meaning them professing to one another, etc. – then you’ll be pretty disappointed. There are a lot of cute moments and could potentially take the viewer back to memories of their childhood crushes. Another possibly lousy aspect of the story is that at times it gets repetitive, and when it does, it could potentially derail the viewer. Sure, it’s cute, and its often to have that in any Slice of Life anime series. Still, a majority of the repetitiveness is unwarranted, nor really adds anything other than filler.

While the art style has improved over the previous season and yet viewers may enjoy the cartoonish realism of the character designs. While the series continues to emulate its manga counterpart to the very detail, it quite honestly takes a back seat in this season. Usually, that would mean that the art style is uninteresting or even bad but not in this instance. The series went away with the school setting – though it is more fifty-fifty – and went with the world around them. The vibrant colors in the background, the way they soften specific characteristics until they’re useful, the subtle use of color within each character’s love interest but don’t make it overtly visible.

Now with new growth comes new mistakes or at least areas where they could have done better. While some may find the character designs unappealing, and that’s understandable, nobody can like everything. The notable problem this art style is some scenes throughout the series, some characters don’t flow as well as in others, mainly when CGI is involved. Another aspect that viewers may find unappealing about this season is that the female characters are borderline Moe (the quality in a fictional female role of being youthfully innocent and vulnerable in an idealized way). Although it doesn’t ruin the series in any way, some viewers may find it a little off-putting.
If the art style of the series was an appetizer, the animation production is clearly the main course. With the attention to detail, perfect use of lighting, and the idyllic style, they use silence between the two characters yet still say everything is superb. Sure, the attention to detail is pleasant, especially with their pupils and the way they move their body when characters aren’t the main focal point is splendid. That mixed with the beautiful art style of the series makes this duo a perfect meal anyone can digest and ask for thirds.

Any new season of anime means that there’ll be interesting new characters, and this series seems to always do well with that expectation. With this series giving the viewers a taste of what’s going on within the first episode in the first season, it means that we already know what the projected result will be. However, we don’t see how the characters within this series will progress, which is one of the better parts of the characters within this series. We have Nishikata, a classmate of Takagi, who enjoys teasing him – and only him. Although he gets too overconfident and somewhat dramatic in his thinking process, the results are usually more entertaining. Though viewers may find him to be the reason why the show is sometimes slow due to his nonexistent-quick-minded-war-games attitude.

Takagi, on the other hand, has matured from the first season and in a way that makes the show even more enjoyable. She knows her feelings are there, and so are his – also though she deserves gold for going after him. Her tactics are more hands-on in this season, and though her large doe-like eyes and her coy simper that could quickly melt the darkest heart continue to flourish. She isn’t as robust as she was before, not physically but mentally. Perhaps its because she aspires to reveal her interest in her love interest, but she’s waiting for him to admit it first

One massive enhancement to the series was that they actually used other characters outside of the three they had earlier. While there wasn’t any real growth from Mina Hibino and Sanae Tsukimoto, the former is still the shortest and tries to act more mature than she is. The latter is continually the straight man but does have her share of slight growth. The only one of the three we truly see growth for Yukari Amakawa, the class president yet a young hopeless romantic by heart. Since the series is mainly outside the classroom, we can see the character outside of the “Class President” role, which is unfortunate since we couldn’t see it for everyone. The best “new” character and is the definition of friends being on point is Kimura, and without giving anything away is truly torture.

While going into any continuation of any series means that you at least have an inkling of certain events and characters’ actions. Particularly in this instance, it slightly downplays the story, as mentioned before, the viewers already know the two are going to be together. Especially when Takagi keeps asking “do you like me” or “let’s be honest from now on” with those being said multiple times throughout the season can give anyone diabetes but can also turn people away from the series due to its lackluster tactics. Though that’s precisely what makes this series especially this season so grand, love isn’t easy, nor is it quick.

Although the second season had the same traits as the first installment leaving the viewer with no real surprises, thus a disappointment. But it quickly stops that with a new environment, and potentially add to the enjoyment factor of any viewer. Throughout my first viewing, I kept trying to figure out if this is actually a “good” continuation, but after viewing it a couple more times and reviewing my notes. While this series doesn’t have any action, ecchi, or anything to gain instant notoriety, I believe it’s a satisfactory continuation. Though this series may not be for everyone, and I’ll admit that it can get repetitive at times, still I hold this is an excellent series for veteran anime viewers and newcomers.


Cody Senpai

Cody Senpai is the creator of BakaNow, an anime review website that specializes in spoiler-free reviews for everyone. He is an avid anime watcher who has traveled to Japan numerous times to not only experience the culture and history but also to build friendships with people through a common interest. He is an avid animation fanatic from birth and even went on to major in communication to help share the importance of the stories we love to watch and listen to. Cody lives in Denver, Colorado and loves to do anything adventurous.

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