The Ones That Touch Our Hearts

April 21, 202011984 min

The thing I love about anime other than the artwork, music, and of course the amazingly-cute-heroin-shooting-through-my-veins characters is the emotions that it can provoke within us. Sure, any film or even television show can do that worldwide, and even some of them can be targeted towards children and still resonate within us as adults. Those movies no matter what the genre or country they’re from should be kept alive and continued to be loved and shared, especially now in the digital age.

Take for example probably the first heartbreaking thing many of us ‘90s kids watched, saying goodbye to butterfree. Pokémon was the first anime I ever watched and believe me I watched it, I owned the cards, the hats, the VHS tapes (yes even those) and not to mention knew and sang every word to every one of their theme songs. Even years later I still get excited about a new Pokémon movie and even though it’ll probably be meh to me my inner child is happy and sometimes that’s all that matters.

In this crazy time with people staying at home and hopefully being safe, it’s the perfect time to go back to our childhood passions. My favorite animated movie that I still watch at least twice a year is The Land Before Time, and oh boy do I still get emotional during that film. Animation has a power that can make us connect to it in such a short time and even though we know it’s not real, we still are affected by it. This can bring us all together and I believe we need more of that in general, but especially in times like these.

So, my question of the week is “what is the most emotional you felt during an anime and what was that anime?” No matter what the genre, season, or even decade the answer is it doesn’t make it any less relevant. Stories are meant to be loved and experienced in our hearts and souls, but never really discussed outside of “is it good” or “is it bad” aspects of entertainment. We should keep those beloved animated stories close to our hearts and passed on through generations to come.

Cody Senpai

Cody Senpai is the creator of BakaNow, an anime review website that specializes in spoiler-free reviews for everyone. He is an avid anime watcher who has traveled to Japan numerous times to not only experience the culture and history but also to build friendships with people through a common interest. He is an avid animation fanatic from birth and even went on to major in communication to help share the importance of the stories we love to watch and listen to. Cody lives in Denver, Colorado and loves to do anything adventurous.

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