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April 9, 20206744 min

Welcome everyone, I’m so glad to finally announce the creation of BakaNow. I’ve been wanting to create something and share my love for anime for about a year now. I’m writing this to every one of you who loves anime, manga, or anything that seems “childish” or “weird”. Please continue to love what you do and don’t listen to anyone who makes fun of someone for their hobby and interests. I’ve been in love with anime ever since I was a young child, and I know how mean people can be.

I also want to thank everyone who supported me while I was creating this website, including my friends in the weeb group chat, Facebook groups and also my friend Amanda who pushed me (and playfully made fun of my love of anime) to create a review website. Without the support and love from the anime community, I don’t believe I would’ve created BakaNow on my own. It’s been a long journey just to get here and I know the site isn’t perfect, and with all your help we’ll make it perfect.
Now since everyone has different tastes and interests, I would like to get to know you guys and hopefully,

BakaNow will become less of a stranger and more of a community. I also understand that everyone won’t like everything about anything, but as long as we have a friendly atmosphere and wanting to grow BakaNow and the community then I know we can work it out. Anime is a major part of my life, so much that I would love to have it as a career. I understand that a few people may find this website terrible, and I wish you well and hopefully, you’ll come back someday. However, if you love anime just as much as me, and want to work together then I hope you stick around.

If you want to get to know each other and want to contact me the fastest then follow me on twitter, and tweet at me. I’ll be posting some anime-related posts, troubles and issues with the website, and also will be replying to whoever asks me things. I also created a BakaNow Twitter for posts and website news (I’ll link them at the bottom). So if you love anime or have anime suggestions I’d love to hear from you.

Thank you,
Cody LaTosh

Facebook: @bakanowhq

Cody Senpai

Cody Senpai is the creator of BakaNow, an anime review website that specializes in spoiler-free reviews for everyone. He is an avid anime watcher who has traveled to Japan numerous times to not only experience the culture and history but also to build friendships with people through a common interest. He is an avid animation fanatic from birth and even went on to major in communication to help share the importance of the stories we love to watch and listen to. Cody lives in Denver, Colorado and loves to do anything adventurous.

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